AquaGold® MicroNeedling

24 karat gold.  Luxuriant, radiant, and luminous skin. 

Combine AquaGold® microneedling and neurotoxin for an immediate youthful glow that lasts.  This micro-infusion is a must!

The Advantage of AquaGold® Microneedling

AquaGold® uses 24 karat gold microneedles, all finer than a single hair, to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.  Each needle is threaded to allow for delivery of your personalized rejuvenating cocktail.  Choose our ProTox infusion for optimal results.

Here’s What AquaGold® Microneedling Can Do For You:

  • Improve fine lines, texture and wrinkles
  • Boost skin hydration
  • Re-texture tissue-paper skin on the face, neck and chest
  • Minimize acne scarring and irregular skin tone
  • Shrink pore size
  • Achieve the look of a photo-filter without actually using one!

The CSSC Advantage

Our AquaGold® Providers Are Experts

We know skin.  Since 2001, we’ve been transforming the lives of our patients so they look more natural, youthful and rejuvenated. We love the options available with AquaGold®.

Looking For the Best Options for Your Budget?

We appreciate this!  Our goal is to make looking refreshed affordable.  Call our office for a cost estimate, and be sure to discuss your budget with our providers during your consultation.

Our Expertise Is Cosmetic Dermatology

We’ve specialized in skin care, skin resurfacing and skin disorders since 2001. If you desire to look younger and have fresher skin without much downtime, choose us. Call today for your consultation: (301)698-2424.

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    I had my AquaGold® ProTox facial and my skin immediately felt tighter, especially under my eyes.  It was amazing!  I was a little red, maybe for a day or two.  My skin still feels so soft, even though it’s more than 3 months after my treatment.  I love it.


    What is AquaGold® microneedling?

    AquaGold® microneedling is a treatment designed to make your skin look and feel more youthful, refreshed and luminous.

    How does AquaGold® microneedling work?

    AquaGold® microneedling uses a hand-held “stamp” filled with hair-width 24 karat gold needles.  The AquaGold® needles and the stamp allow us to infuse a cocktail of rejuvenating ingredients to your skin.  This customized recipe is specially chosen for you by your provider.

    What does the treatment involve?

    The 24 karat gold needles create microchannels which then stimulate new collagen.  Your body immediately starts to rebuild and restore your skin.  The innovative design of the AquaGold® stamp allows your provider to evenly distribute your rejuvenating combination to your skin.

    Who performs AquaGold® microneedling in your office?

    Jessie Mallalieu, our Physician Assistant, will perform your treatment.

    What does AquaGold® microneedling feel like?

    We’ll apply a numbing mask to your face before treatment to minimize any discomfort you may feel.  Many patients describe any sensation they feel as a ‘rough, sandpaper’ feeling against their skin.  Treating scars can involve more of a time investment, so you may experience more sensation when we’re stimulating a scarred area.

    What are the side effects of AquaGold® microneedling?

    The most common side effect is looking as though you have a mild sunburn.  Delicate skin around the eyes may be slightly puffy for a few days.  Pinpoint bleeding may occur but stops very quickly after the treatment.  You could experience some mild dryness, flaking or peeling for a few days after your treatment.

    How quickly will I see results from my AquaGold® microneedling treatment?

    Most patients see results immediately.  They may notice a rosy glow, tighter skin, and smaller pores immediately after treatment.  Results may last up to 2 months and should be repeated for optimal longevity.

    *Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.