Behind the Scenes of an Eyelid Lift

September 13, 2017 / / Newsletter

It was truly amazing…I didn’t have any pain.  If I had to recommend an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) to anyone, I would say ‘it’s nothing to be nervous about’.  Do it.  Just do it.  Your mind is making it out to be more than it is.  I felt nothing during the surgery.  You’re in great hands with Dr. To.”–Sue

What did you feel immediately after surgery?

I felt a little nauseated because I only ate a yogurt for breakfast.  I wished I ate more to settle my stomach.  Danielle (Dr. To’s surgical coordinator) recommended eating a protein and a carb.

Did you have to take much pain medication after surgery?

No, I didn’t take any pain meds.  I guess everyone is a little different, though.  One thing:  I’m not a back sleeper and Dr. To suggested I sleep on my back for a few nights after surgery to reduce my swelling.  That part was a little hard.

What did your family say to/about you after your surgery?

My family didn’t say anything about how I looked.  I was mainly just really red and they could see my sutures.  I had a little bruising after surgery but I was amazed how that went away in a few days.

Did your eyelid lift adversely affect your work schedule?

No, not really.  I had my surgery on a Thursday and my sutures came out on Monday.  I was actually back to work that Monday.  That was okay for me, though, because I sit at work and don’t have to lift anything heavy.

What was the hardest part of your recuperation after surgery?

It was definitely the part about “not doing anything”–not elevating my blood pressure.  I felt so good, so I wanted to do everything:  laundry, housework, shopping.  I had to tell myself:  “You really shouldn’t be doing this.  I remember going shopping two Saturdays after my surgery.  I could tell afterwards that I was really tired and I said ‘Oh, that’s because I just had surgery two Thursdays ago'”.

How do you feel about your results of your eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)?

I love my results!  It definitely opened my eyes up.  I love that my skin feels tight again above my eyes, and the lines under my eyes are gone.

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

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