Clean Up The Summer Mess

September 18, 2016 / / Newsletter



Too much fun at the shore?  Now’s the time to clean up the signs of summer sun damage with our tried-and-true solutions.  We can erase unwanted pigment and smooth your skin texture.  If you have sun damage on your face, neck and chest (or elsewhere!), we have the solution for you.*


  • If your spots are flat and texture-free, we can erase them with our Astanza 532 Laser Treatment or Broad Band Light device
  • Most spots respond to just one treatment
  • No downtime after your appointment
  • Treatment fees may range from $400-$600

Fine lines and wrinkles?  Uneven texture?*

  • You have options.  Depending on your level of concern, you could choose:
    • Light Mixto Skin Resurfacing
      • Many patients are happy with just one treatment
      • You’ll have 1-3 days where you’ll avoid wearing makeup and you can resume normal activities immediately
      • Treatment fees are typically around $700
    • Satin Peel
      • Some individuals may complete 1-3 peels yearly
      • No downtime is experienced.  Light peeling and flaking may occur for a few days after your treatment
      • Treatment fees are typically around $300
    • Radiant Peel
      • This peel can be completed monthly if you prefer
      • No downtime is experienced.  You may have moderate peeling and flaking for 5-7 days after your appointment
      • The fee for the Radiant Peel is $150

Let’s get your face, neck and chest skin back to glowing, smooth, and healthy.  Call today for your complimentary consultation:  (301)698-2424.

*Individual results may vary.


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