Dude…Let us fill you in this Father’s Day

May 31, 2019 / / Featured, News, Newsletter

Want to defy the aging process in and out of the gym? Reduce the appearance of wrinkles with a fresh, masculine natural look!

The number one question we hear from our male patients is “Am I one of the only men that come to see you?” The answer is NO.

You may be surprised to learn that 30% of our patients are men and that number is growing every day! Another fact I’ll share with you: The number one aesthetic treatment for men is wrinkle relaxing!

  • It smooths out the wrinkles on your face and leaves you looking much younger, almost instantly.

Our male patients express their concern toward not wanting a frozen look, or that they still want to be able to move their eyebrows.

  • We offer wrinkle relaxing treatments using either Dysport® or Botox® that will leave your face looking younger and smoother, but still very much functional in a subtle way.
    • Smooth lines between your brows
    • Reduce your forehead lines and crows feet
    • Correct your down-turned mouth
    • Soften upper lip lines (smokers lines)

Have you looked in the mirror and imagined a chiseled jawline that genetics just didn’t give you? Or do you want to reverse the look of ageing, giving you a sharper, more defined jawline.

  • Gain more prominent, enhanced features.
  • Or address an aging jawline that has become less prominent and taken on a smoother appearance over the years.

A non-surgical jaw augmentation is achieved by injecting dermal filler into the jaw muscles. This will give the jaw muscles and jaw line a much more defined look, which will leave you looking your absolute best.

Don’t forget your lips!

If your lips are looking a little thin and you want to give them a slight enhancement, lip fillers would be a fantastic treatment for you.

Finding My Best Look –Read how a RealSelf employee added Botox to his “Whole-Body Anti-Aging Regimen”

Take advantage of our special dads deal this month

Dads, when you purchase $450 of Dysport, receive an additional $250 of Dysport FREE!

*During the month of June, while supplies last.

*Must schedule with Jessie Mallalieu or Susan Young only.

*Schedule your appointment today!

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