“Kisses from the Mrs.” Smooch Special

February 9, 2017 / / Newsletter

Our “Kisses from the Mrs.” special gets you ready for romance in a snap AND turns back the clock!  Call now to schedule your 30 minute visit.

What’s Included In This Special?

  • One mini Ultherapy for the Lips
    • How does it help?  This mini collagen-boosting treatment lifts the upper lip, allowing more of the ‘pink part’ to show
      • You still look ultra natural and never ‘ducky’!
  • One syringe of Volbella for the Lip area
    • How does it help?  Volbella is specially formulated to add subtle volume to the lips and improve the appearance of fine lines around the mouth
      • Results are seen immediately and are soft and beautiful
  • 12 units of Botox
    • How does it help?  Botox relaxes the tiny muscles around the mouth that cause the fine lines and wrinkles
      • It can even help to gently smooth the muscles at the corners of your mouth.  Turn that frown upside down!

Is There Any Downtime With This Special?

  • You might experience:  redness, slight fullness, or pinpoint bleeding
    • These side effects are temporary and typically resolve quickly
    • You can begin wearing make-up immediately after treatment and return to work the same day

How Much Does This Cost?

  • The fee is $975, which represents approximately $200 in savings

How Long Is This Special Available?

  • This special is available till March 14
  • Call now to schedule your complimentary consultation:  (301)698-2424

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

  • You might be able to apply your Brilliant Distinctions coupons to some of your treatment
    • Be sure to ask for more information when you call to schedule
  • We look forward to seeing you soon!



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