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Can you erase the years?  Yes!  Lasers are perfect for removing one of the most disliked signs of aging:  sun spots.  Our Astanza 532 Laser Facial is the ideal solution for lightening sun spots and revitalizing skin.

How does the Astanza laser work?

The laser energy is activated directly over the unwanted spot.  The energy helps to break up the particles within the spot, which leads to lightening over the next 7-14 days.

What do I need to know before my appointment?

It’s extremely important that all signs of summer fun are gone.  This includes:  tans from outdoor sun exposure, self-tanners, and tans from tanning-beds.  The safest outcome results when your skin is at its fairest and most natural skin tone.

What does the Astanza 532 laser facial feel like?

When we have the treatment, it feels like a hot rubber band snap.  If you’ve had laser hair removal before, the sensation is very similar.  There is mild warmth after the visit, which is helped by the use of our cool packs.

What does my skin look like after an Astanza 532 laser facial?

Be prepared for several stages of improvement.  Within 24 hours, your spots will change from light brown to brick red to dark chocolate-colored.  You may be able to conceal the spot with makeup.  Some of the spots may be slightly raised, like an insect bite.  This discoloration may persist for 7-14 days.

As the darker areas start to peel and flake, you’ll note that the treated areas are reddish-colored to light pink.  This pigmentation should fade within a few weeks to match the surrounding skin.  It’s very important to avoid sun exposure during this healing process.

Will I need to repeat my Astanza 532 laser facial?

Most individuals are very happy after just one visit.  Some will have new spots after a few years, so maintenance treatments may be necessary for continued clarity.  Be sure to discuss your concerns with our Astanza laser providers, Jessie and Susan.

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

Consultations for our Astanza 532 laser facial are provided at no charge.  Call today to schedule your appointment:  (301)698-2424.  While supplies last, get a *FREE* SkinMedica skin brightening travel bag ($80 value) with treatment. 

Includes travel sizes of: 

  • Lytera 2.0
  • HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator
  • Total Defense & Repair SPF
  • AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser.

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