Motivate & Energize Your Skin

March 9, 2018 / / News

Motivate Your Skin

Your skin is very smart and efficient. It only does what it needs to, and so over time it slows down and becomes thinner and saggy. To get your skin to tighten and grow faster, you must stimulate it. The best way to motivate your skin is to peel it. The removal of the outer dead layer of skin causes it to regenerate faster. The key is not a single treatment, but a habit of treatments.

Follow Up by Energizing Your Skin

The secret to a lifetime of great-looking skin is to boost the natural process that makes collagen.  More collagen results in tighter,  younger-looking skin.

The only way to boost collagen, besides peeling, is to heat the skin with lasers, light, and ultrasonic energy.  The key is to establish a pattern of regular treatments, rather than pushing the limits of a single, high-risk session.

Heat from lasers, light, or ultrasound stimulates the natural enzymes in your skin which make collagen. Every treatment helps, but a habit helps more. Compliance is the key.

Lastly, consider specialized treatments if you have specific problems. Knock back brown spots by doing an Astanza 532 Laser Treatment or a Broad Band Light (BBL) Facial. Treat overactive muscles (like the “11’s”) with Botox, and use Fillers where Botox cannot help. Minimize redness and broken blood vessels with lasers.*

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

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