Peel & Energize In the Fall

September 1, 2017 / / Newsletter

Fall is one of the best seasons to re-start your anti-aging routine.  Keep reading to learn our best practices on improving your skin.

What does it mean to “peel and energize”?

When we say “peel and energize”, we’re referring to any laser treatment that uses heat to both 1) stimulate your skin to make collagen and 2) encourage the top few layers of your skin to peel and flake.

Why should I “peel and energize”?

Your skin is very smart and efficient.  As the years pass, it slows down it’s natural rejuvenation process.  It only does what it needs to, and so over time it slows down and becomes thinner and saggy. To get your skin to tighten and grow faster, you need to stimulate it. The best way to motivate your skin is to “peel and energize”.

Do I need to prepare my skin before I “peel and energize”?

For best results, yes, you do.  You should:

  • Avoid the use of all self-tanners and tanning beds
  • Ensure any tan or excess pigment is completely removed from your skin
  • Discontinue the use of prescription and over-the-counter retinoids/retinols 5 days before your appointment
  • If prone to cold sores and fever blisters, contact our office for a pre-appointment prescription

How often should I “peel and energize”?

Depending on the type of laser, you may benefit from treatments every 2-6 months.  Be sure to schedule a consultation with one of our laser providers, Jessie or Susan.  They’ll discuss the best intervals for your specific goals.

What should I think about before I schedule an appointment to “peel and energize”?

Recovery:  Different laser treatments involve different amounts of downtime.  Our Satin Peel may involve 2-5 days of light flaking and/or peeling and 1-3 days without makeup.  Our Light Mixto may involve 5-7 days of light flaking and/or peeling and 3-5 days without makeup.  A more thorough Deep Mixto may involve 10-14 days of recovery.  Be sure to discuss your lifestyle with your laser provider and she’ll advise you of the approximate downtime.

Sun avoidance:  Ideally, you would avoid sun exposure for one month before and one month after a “peel and energize” appointment.  As flaking and peeling is a side effect, your skin becomes more vulnerable to the effects of the sun.  Don’t schedule your laser treatment around any fall or winter beach getaways!

Special Events:  Allow at least 2 weeks between your laser treatment and any significant events.  Be sure to inform your laser provider of any upcoming weddings, reunions, or birthdays and they’ll advise you of the perfect time to schedule.

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

Schedule your consultation now before the holidays:  (301)698-2424.  A well-planned strategy delivers the best results!

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