Come Enjoy Our New Mixto Pro Laser

April 4, 2016 / / Featured, News, Newsletter

Our new Mixto® CO2 laser has arrived and it will improve the look and feel of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Mixto® Resurfacing laser is fractionated, which means that we can customize the treatment to be Light or Deep…or a mixture of the two. This ensures that your results can be what you want and your downtime can be too. The Mixto® is a resurfacing laser which exfoliates skin cells by vaporizing tiny dots instead of removing everything. This means faster healing and less risk. 

The top layer of skin is ablated or vaporized with a Mixto®, leaving the skin smoother and newer. The Mixto® laser reaches into deep layers of skin, with heat. The  Mixto® technology has been designed to minimize side effects, pain and downtime.

Dr. Kenneth Mark on the Mixto Laser

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