SculpSure Erases Chin Fat!

October 6, 2017 / / Newsletter

SculpSure® is now FDA-approved to reduce submental (under the chin) fat.  We’re thrilled to be the first in Frederick to offer this exciting, non-surgical option to eliminate unwanted fullness under the jawline.

Why choose SculpSure® for the chin?

Having a double chin can make you look older than your actual age.  Who wants that?  SculpSure® is the latest & greatest non-surgical, injection-free way to minimize chin fullness AND look younger.  We love it!

How does SculpSure® work?

SculpSure® is a laser that heats unwanted fat cells to just the right temperature.  This causes the fat cells to burst and dissipate.  Your lymphatic system then removes them naturally.

Do my fat cells come back after SculpSure®?

Science tells us that we’re born with a set number of fat cells.  They don’t grow back after they’re removed.  However, gaining weight may cause remaining fat cells to swell and get larger.  This could create a look of fullness.

What does SculpSure® feel like?

The sensation of the treatment depends on the person.  Some describe it as a warm feeling, followed by a cool period.  Others feel that SculpSure® has hot periods followed by coolness.  All are able to tolerate SculpSure® well without any numbing medicine or pain medication.

How can I prepare for my SculpSure® visit?

Eat a well-rounded meal and be well-hydrated before your visit.  Avoid the use of NSAIDS (ibuprofen, Advil, aspirin, Aleve, etc.) and fish oil 3-4 days before your appointment.  Avoid tanning, self-tanners and tanning beds.  If you have hair in the area to be treated, please shave before you arrive.

What should I expect after my visit?

Your chin may be red, swollen or warm.  These side effects could last a few hours to a few days.  To minimize the effects:

  • Apply cool compresses to the area
  • Sleep with 1-2 additional pillows at night
  • Avoid intense exercise the 1st night of your treatment

How soon will I see results?

You may see results within 6 weeks of your visit.  Maximum results are seen at 12 weeks.  Most individuals continue to see benefits after subsequent treatment sessions.  Follow-up sessions may be scheduled in 6 week intervals.

No surgery.  No downtime.  Just results.  To schedule a complimentary SculpSure® consultation:  call our office today at (301)698-2424.


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