SculpSure Melts A Muffin Top

January 2, 2017 / / Newsletter

Muffin tops belong on delicious pastries…not on you!  Choose SculpSure to melt away unwanted fat from the abdomen, love handles, and more.*

How Does SculpSure Work?

Heat from the SculpSure laser targets unwanted fat cells.  These cells are heated to precisely the right temperature, after which they melt away and disappear forever (Source: SculpSure FDA approval).

What Does SculpSure Feel Like?

Some people report feeling nothing during the procedure.  Others state that it feels warm, tingly or hot.  We’re right by your side the entire time to ensure your maximum comfort.*

What Does My Skin Look Like After SculpSure?

The area we treat might be pink right afterwards, but it quickly returns to its normal color.*

Will I Feel Any Differently After The Treatment?

Some people state that their treated area, such as the abdomen, feels like they’ve had an intense workout the next day.  Others don’t feel much of anything.*

When Will I See Results?

On average, most individuals see results within 6-12 weeks after their treatment.  We like to see you for a 3 month follow-up to measure the success of your treatment.*

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

SculpSure removes an average of 24% of fat from the treated area.  Many people are happy with this result, although others may wish for subsequent treatment.*

*Individual results may vary.

Schedule your complimentary SculpSure consultation to see how it can help you:  (301)698-2424.


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