SculpSure®: Remove 25% Fat In 25 Minutes

April 2, 2017 / / News

What area would you sculpt?  Remove unwanted fat without surgery in 25 minutes.  This FDA-approved treatment is fast and satisfying.*


Other than skin-tightening, no other non-surgical procedure is as requested as fat reduction.  Why is it so popular and why is SculpSure® an ideal option for you*?


Who can benefit from the SculpSure® treatment?

  • Anyone who has stubborn, diet-and-exercise-resistant fat

What is SculpSure®?

  • SculpSure® is a trademarked, FDA-approved laser that removes fat from unwanted areas of the body

How does SculpSure® work*?

  • The SculpSure® laser applicator is placed over the target area
  • When the laser is activated, it heats the target fat cells to just the right temperature
  • The fat cells swell, burst and are then removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system
  • Within 6-12 weeks you see the results!

When can I get SculpSure®?

  • SculpSure® can be completed at any time of the year
    • Avoid SculpSure® if you have an active sunburn

Here’s what SculpSure® can do for you*:

  • Achieve a slimmer and natural-looking appearance
  • Significantly reduce unwanted, stubborn fat
  • Sculpt problem areas, such as:
    • Bra roll, abdomen, love handles, buttocks, inner & outer thighs, and calves
  • Help you reach long-desired goals, such as:
    • Wear clothes that haven’t fit for years
    • Love your reflection
    • Make your existing clothes fit better

Why is SculpSure® better than other non-invasive fat-reduction machines*?

  • In 25 minutes, SculpSure® can treat 4 times the amount of skin than its competitor product
  • SculpSure® delivers results in 25 minutes, while other treatments take an hour or more
  • SculpSure® is proven to permanently remove fat cells

Schedule your complimentary SculpSure® consultation today at (301)698-2424!  We’re happy to tell you more about our favorite fat-eliminating procedure.

*Individual results may vary.

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