Have You Seen Jessie’s Before & After Pics?

June 30, 2016 / / Featured, News, Newsletter

Jessie’s been our Cosmetic & Medical Physician Assistant since March 2013 and you have to see her before and after photographs.  Keep reading to learn which treatment is one of Jessie’s favorites and whether you might benefit from it, too.*

*Individual results will vary.

Jessie’s favorite treatment:

How has Light Mixto helped Jessie?

  • It’s removed freckles, brightened overall skin tone, improved skin texture and more*

How frequently does Jessie have a Light Mixto treatment?

  • Once per year*

Is there any down time with Light Mixto?

  • Jessie is able to have the treatment and go back to work the next day.  She waits to wear make-up for a day or two, and avoids direct sun exposure for a few weeks after treatment*

What other treatments has Jessie tried and what have they done for her?*

  • Botox
    • Botox softens wrinkles and crinkles between and above eyebrows, crow’s feet, and lifts the corners of the mouth
  • Juvederm
    • Juvederm plumps lips, lifts cheeks, and restores youthful volume to the mid-face
  • Latisse
    • We lose 50% of our lash volume by age 50.  Latisse helps our lashes grow longer, thicker and darker.  Jessie’s are gorgeous!
  • Broad Band Light Facial (BBL)
    • Shrinks broken blood vessels, minimizes pore size, and lightens excess pigmentation
  • Ultherapy
    • Ultherapy works with and restores your own collagen, leading to a lift in the brows, cheeks, chin and neck

*Individual results may vary.

To learn more about Light Mixto or any of Jessie’s other revitalizing treatments listed above, call now to schedule your complimentary consultation:  (301)698-2424.


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