Show Moms Eyes Some Love This Mothers Day With Blepharoplasty

May 1, 2019 / / Featured, Newsletter

Your mom read you bedtime stories, packed your lunch, drove you to all your after school activities. No one ever believes in you more and encourages you through thick and thin. Being a mom means selfless giving and endless dedication, with her unconditional love.

Each May, we get to say “thank you” to Mom for all she has done for us through the years. From the sleepless nights of the first years to the words of wisdom in our adulthood, there’s no one who has had equal influence in our lives.

She’s done so much for you, what can you do for her to adequately express your gratitude? There is something that you can do for your mom this Mother’s Day that is better than flowers, candy or a card. Help your mom schedule a consult for Blepharoplasty. Drive her to our office and meet with Dr. To, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Learn with her about our eyelid surgery and the benefits it will have for her.

For all the years that she faithfully scheduled your doctor appointments, this is your opportunity to take care of her health! Pick up the phone and call your Mom to give her a great big, “thank you.” Offer to take her to our office, and then you can treat her to a special lunch to celebrate all that she means to you. It will be a day that she will always remember!

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