Let’s Age Gracefully!

August 1, 2019 / / Newsletter

40 is the new 30, and we’re sure you’ll be looking and feeling 22 when you hit the big 3-0 (sunscreen awareness for the win!).

Before we’re in our thirties, most of us aspire to refine our makeup game, figure out which hairstyle is actually our best look, and lose the insecurities for good.

Here are our tips to easily adjust your daily routine and increase your natural glow:

Protect your neck and hands

  • Skin care isn’t just about your face. Don’t neglect your neck. Or the backs of your hands. Or your decolletage. Without daily broad-spectrum sun protection and adequate moisture, these zones can quickly start to look weathered before their time.

Young women are the fastest growing demographic for developing skin cancer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, melanoma is the leading cause of cancer deaths among young women aged 24-29. The reason? Many still equate being tan with being healthy, happy and carefree.

At some point, often in your 30s, the visible effects of past sun exposure really begin to surface—not just fine lines, but discoloration and dark spots that are stubborn to treat and tough to cover up. And if you’re like many of us, you’ll wish SO HARD that you’d been applying even more sunscreen all day every day like it was your job. (And worn that sun hat!)

You can prevent so much more than you can treat, we can erase a certain amount of sun damage, but you’ll never get your undamaged 23-year-old skin back. Also make sure to wear your sunglasses to help prevent crow’s-feet and choose a lip balm with sunscreen!


  • If you don’t exfoliate regularly now’s prime time to start. “In your 20s, your skin makes lots of new cells. In your 30s, your cells turn over more slowly, leading to dull, dry, flaky patches. Exfoliation will reveal new skin cells and keep you glowing. It also allows your anti-aging products to absorb more efficiently.

TNS Essential Serum®

  • After you exfoliate but before your sun screen you can apply the ultimate in rejuvenating treatment! TNS Essential Serum® improves the appearance of your fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture. It will help you keep your natural glow.


  • If you’re not the person who wants to try new products, or spend time researching the next best thing, we have one word for you; Retinol Complex 0.5. Preventing lines doesn’t have to be complicated. Just start by applying something containing the most clinically proven ingredient, Retinol Complex 0.5, at night (start with a couple times a week — you can increase as your skin becomes less sensitive to it).

Bedtime is when all the beauty happens

  • Bedtime is prime time for deep moisturizing, fighting future lines, plus treating your lips, cuticles, heels, and other problem areas. Don’t miss out on applying targeted skin care, such as our LUMIVIVE System, before the best restful stretch of time when your skin can deeply penetrate, without adverse effects from sun exposure. Your skin will thank you over time.
  • If you’re not diligent about night moisturizer by age 30, you’ll have serious catching up to do!

Don’t forget your annual head-to-toe skin check

Make it a top priority to stay on top of skin changes that could be signs of cancer and make it a point to get a full-body skin check from our office every year.

For the month of August, while supplies last when you purchase your LUMIVIVE System or TNS Essential Serum® you will receive a 1 oz. HA5. Call today to purchase your products, while supplies last!

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