Surprising Skin Cancer Causes and Risks

April 6, 2018 / / Featured

More cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the US than any other cancer combined.  One person dies of melanoma every hour, and one in 5 persons in the US will develop skin cancer before the age of 70.

Keep reading for potential skin cancer causes and risks, and what you can do to avoid them.

Blistering sunburns…even just one

According to the Melanoma Research Foundation, just one bad blistering sunburn can more than double your chances of developing melanoma.  To minimize the risks, be faithful about applying a generous amount of sunscreen before sun exposure.  And don’t forget to reapply your SPF every 90 minutes!

Being fair-skinned

Melanin is what makes our skin fair or dark.  Having more melanin may protect you from acquiring skin cancer, but don’t be fooled by the myth that dark skin cannot get skin cancer at all!  Everyone needs to apply SPF before sun exposure, no matter their base skin tone.  Be proactive:  schedule a yearly skin check to evaluate all lesions.

Your family has had skin cancer

You cannot change your genes, so if someone in your family has had skin cancer…there’s a 50% chance you’ll develop it, too.  Don’t neglect your regular skin screenings!

Driving a lot

About three-quarters of all early-stage melanomas are on the left side of the body, according to a 2010 St. Louis University School of Medicine study.  Researchers suspect it’s from the UV rays delivered through automobile glass.  And men are more likely to develop these types of cancer, since women tend to be passengers.  How to protect yourself?  Install a protective UV-blocking film on the inside of your windows, or cover up with appropriate sunscreen before driving.



The bottom line?  The majority of us are at risk for developing some form of skin cancer at some point in our lives.  But we CAN minimize our risk factors, as outlined above.  Is it time for your skin screening?  Call today to schedule:  (301)698-2424.

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