The Truth About Bellafill®

July 20, 2015 / / Newsletter

Bellafill® is a relatively new contestant on the scene when it comes to dermal fillers.  A filler is a substance that adds volume to skin that’s become flat, wrinkled, creased or deflated-looking over time.  The results are immediate, soft, and fantastic.*


We’re here to tell the truth about Bellafill®



Like all new cosmetic products, Bellafill® comes with a lot of marketing hype that isn’t always honest.  This blog presents the myths that we have heard versus the actual facts about Bellafill®.


*Individual results may vary.


Myth Fact
“Bellafill® is a new product” Not true.  Bellafill® is a rebranding of an older product named Artefill®.
“Bellafill® lasts 2-10 years” This product has two components:  collagen and microspheres.  Your body will absorb the collagen relatively quickly–so you’ll notice normal aging occurring within 12 months or so.  The microspheres are there to stay and are not absorbed by the body.  The scientific proof is not strong on how long it lasts.
“If you don’t like your results with Bellafill®, we can dissolve the product” This is absolutely not true.  Bellafill® cannot be dissolved from the skin.
“You can have a consultation and treatment the same day with Bellafill® Bellafill® is made of bovine collagen.  It is highly recommended to schedule a consultation and complimentary allergy test before injecting this long-lasting filler.*
“Bellafill costs $5000 because it’s a long-lasting filler” Some offices are charging up to $5000 for this treatment.  The sad reality is that visible results may only last up to two years.  Don’t be fooled by marketing schemes.*
“Our physicians are certified Bellafill® providers” Your face is your calling card and is the first thing people see about you.  Place your results in the hands of a true specialist and choose an office that features a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, like Dr. Wyatt To.

*Individual results may vary.


Is Bellafill® Right For You

Bellafill® will be a good option for patients willing to spend a little more in hopes of longer lasting results from their fillers.  Call today to schedule your Bellafill® consultation:  (301)698-2424.

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