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Who doesn’t want tighter, lifted skin?  And better yet:  without surgery!  Both Ultherapy® and Thermage® have been FDA-cleared for tightening and lifting the skin, but which one is the most effective?*

With all the hype out there about Thermage® and Ultherapy®, we’ve outlined the details below so you can make a clear choice between the Beauty Blooper and the Beauty Allstar:


Thermage®* Ultherapy®*
Uses less-effective, radiofrequency to try to stimulate collagen Uses high-intensity, focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen
Heats the top layer of skin first and then passes through to the collagen layer, losing precious degrees of heat in the process Heat is specifically directed to the collagen layer without heating the adjacent levels of skin
Less than 20% effective 80% effective
Repeated treatments required to achieve results One treatment is necessary to achieve results
37% patient satisfaction on 69% patient satisfaction on

*Individual results may vary.


Thermage is the Beauty Blooper and Ultherapy is the Beauty Allstar!

Ultherapy® is the clear winner in non-surgical skin tightening, and The Cosmetic & Skin Surgery Center is the clear choice for treatment.*  We introduced Ultherapy® to the Frederick area 4 years ago, our providers are the most experienced, and both Jessie and Susan are certified Ultherapy® providers.  Call today to schedule your FREE Ultherapy® consultation:  (301) 698-2424

*Individual results may vary.

Save $100 on any Ultherapy over $1000 through February 2015.

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