Ultherapy: Fight A “Tech-Neck” With Ultrasound

August 1, 2016 / / Featured, Newsletter

Millennials and more are turning to Ultherapy to fight the signs of aging in our digital era:  horizontal neck lines and a puffy double chin. Both are a result of poor posture and heads positioned down for hours on end.

Why is Ultherapy a fantastic solution?*  Keep reading for more information.

Why does skin sag?

When we are young, our bodies produce ample amounts of collagen to give skin its youthful vibrancy. Over time, the body produces less and less collagen, weakening the skin’s underlying support structure. This process is what leads to skin laxity, as well as the appearance of fine lines and facial creases.

How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy uses heat + high intensity focused ultrasound to strengthen your own collagen and rebuild missing collagen.  The result?  Lifted, tighter, brighter skin.*

How long does it take to see results from Ultherapy?

Most patients see initial results in 3-4 months.  Full results are seen in 6 months’ time.*

How long does Ultherapy last?

The longevity of results depends on individual habits and skincare routines.  Most patients find that results last one year or more.*

What does Ultherapy feel like?

Many describe Ultherapy as ‘spicy’ or ‘warm and tingly’.  If you’re having multiple areas treated, we’ll discuss ways to manage any discomfort you might experience.  You’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately after your procedure.*

How much does Ultherapy cost?

Pricing for Ultherapy depends on the area of the face being treated.  Single areas may range from $600-$1700.  Cost savings are available when combining areas, such as the full face treatment.

*Individual results may vary.

The first step to determine if you’re an Ultherapy candidate is to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified Ultherapy providers:  Jessie Mallalieu, our Physician Assistant, or Susan Young, our Laser & Cosmetic Nurse.  (301)698-2424  We hope to see you soon!




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