Ultherapy™: The Lift That’s Making Beautiful Waves This Summer

May 18, 2016 / / Newsletter, Special Offers

Ultherapyis the gold standard for lifting and tightening skin on the face, neck and chest without surgery.  FDA-approved and with an 80% success rate, we love the Ultherapyresults we’ve consistently delivered to our patients for the last 5 years.*


The first 10 people to respond will be eligible for a free lower neck or decolletage treatment with the purchase of a full face treatment ($1700 value).  A full face Ultherapy™ treatment focuses on the brows, cheeks, and upper neck.


Ultherapy Summer Waves Ad

How Does UltherapyWork?*

  • Ultherapy™ uses heat + ultrasound to create microscopic injuries under your skin
    • These injuries help your skin repair itself and build more collagen
    • More collagen = tighter, brighter, and lifted skin

How Long Do You Have To Wait To See Results?*

  • Results from Ultherapy™ can be seen within 3-4 months
  • The skin continues to improve in appearance over the next 6-12 months

How Long Do Results From Ultherapy™ Last?*

  • Results should last 1-3 years
  • Prolong the longevity of your results by practicing good skin care
    • Avoid sun exposure during 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
    • Always wear at least an SPF 30, even during fall and winter months
    • Reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes when you’re outdoors or swimming
    • Eat a healthy & balanced diet and drink plenty of water

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Ultherapy™?*

  • Anyone with modest and reasonable expectations for skin tightening
  • Anyone who wishes to stimulate their skin in order to avoid facial plastic surgery for a few years
  • Individuals who have not experienced keloid scars on their body

How Does Ultherapy™ Feel?*

  • Ultherapy™ feels warm and tingly
  • Some individuals describe it as ‘spicy’ or ‘intense’
    • We offer options to manage any discomfort you might experience
      • We’ll discuss those options in detail at your complimentary Ultherapy™ consultation

*Individual results may vary.

Call today to schedule your complimentary Ultherapy™ consultation:  (301)698-2424.

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