What’s the Best Age for an LA Lift®?

April 8, 2018 / / Featured

This is a common question.  You’ve tried all the preventive creams and treatments you can get your hands on.  Yet still:   your reflection doesn’t match your inner person.  Keep reading for our tips on judging if now’s the time for your LA Lift®.


My skin looks more saggy and tired by day’s end.

This is common when skin laxity is at or reaching its peak.  In the morning, residual fullness from a night of sleeping flat settles in your face.  As the day goes on, gravity reduces the fullness and you can look saggier than when you woke.

I look better when I face the mirror and pull my skin taut.

No amount of creams or non-surgical treatments can match this look.  You require the hands of a qualified, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Wyatt To.  With his expertise, training and experience, Dr. To can help you achieve your mirror goals.

I look more wrinkly than my mother.  She’s ___ years old.

We can’t escape our genes.  If you feel like you look more mature than your momma, it may be time for an LA Lift® consultation.

I’m starting to see signs of sagging and I don’t want to look like my _____ (mother, father, grandma, aunt, etc.).

In this case, an LA Lift® is preventive and will help you reach your ideal level of skin tightness.  Schedule a consultation when you first start to notice laxity.  Dr. To will advise if it’s time for your procedure or if you should wait a few years.

The long and short of it is:  There’s no perfect age for an LA Lift®.  Everyone’s goals and reflections vary, so if your feelings align with our statements in bold above…Call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wyatt To.  (301)698-2424.


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