Why We Left MedLite® And Switched To Astanza® Trinity

May 12, 2015 / / Newsletter

With all the branding out there about MedLite® and RevLite®, why did we choose to make the switch to the Astanza® Trinity System for tattoo removal?  In a nutshell:  It just made better sense for our patients.*

The Astanza® Trinity Tattoo Removal System offers the following benefits that the MedLite® and RevLite® simply don’t:

  • The Ruby technology of the Astanza® Trinity Eternity module far outshines any other laser on the market today, including picosecond lasers
    • Ruby lasers have long been noted for their unique ability to remove bright blues, vibrant greens, reds and oranges that other lasers leave behind
  • The Astanza® Trinity features 3 laser wavelengths instead of just 1 or 2 and it offers us more treatment options for treating medium and darker skin types safely
  • It has more peak power across its 3 wavelengths than any other laser, which means it’s more efficient at breaking up tattoo ink and gives you better results in fewer treatments*

*Individual results may vary.

The bottom line:  We want the best results and the most predictable outcome for our patients and the MedLite® simply didn’t deliver.  For that reason, we retired the MedLite laser and switched to Astanza®.  The Astanza® Trinity System has proven results and measurable success.  We love it.

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