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Kybella® Flash Sale Ditch a double chin with Kybella®.  While supplies last:  Save $400 on a 2-treatment Kybella® package.  Special 2-treatment fee:  $2400.  Save additional $400 for a total of $2000 for 2 treatments. (Standard fee for 2 treatments:  $2650)   Save 25% On The Best Skin Tightening Treatment While supplies last save 25% on […]

Ultherapy: Fight A “Tech-Neck” With Ultrasound

Millennials and more are turning to Ultherapy to fight the signs of aging in our digital era:  horizontal neck lines and a puffy double chin. Both are a result of poor posture and heads positioned down for hours on end. Why is Ultherapy a fantastic solution?  Keep reading for more information. Why does skin sag? […]

Summer Skin Survival Guide

The rumors are that summer weather might stretch into fall…so how should that affect your skincare routine?  Most of us try to skimp on skincare when it’s hot, but did you know that’s one of the worst things to do?  Keep reading for our easy tips to great-looking and healthy skin.   Sunscreen is your […]

Lose A Turkey Neck With Kybella

We all cringe when we hear the term ‘turkey neck’.  The dreaded gobbler.  It’s time to take control with Kybella, an FDA-approved procedure that eliminates neck fullness:  FOREVER. Don’t waste any more time adjusting your pose in selfies or snapshots.  This is your month to do something about your reflection…with Kybella!  Keep reading for helpful […]

Have You Seen Jessie’s Before & After Pics?

Jessie’s been our Cosmetic & Medical Physician Assistant since March 2013 and you have to see her before and after photographs.  Keep reading to learn which treatment is one of Jessie’s favorites and whether you might benefit from it, too.  Jessie’s favorite treatment: Light Mixto How has Light Mixto helped Jessie? It’s removed freckles, brightened […]

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