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Chin Implants

Implants may be used to augment the chin to improve facial contours and obtain a more harmonious facial profile. Many different implants and implant materials are available. 



One of the most common areas for facial augmentation are the chin.

A chin implant may be used to correct a weak or recessive chin and is often done in conjunction with rhinoplasty to improve the facial profile. A receding chin makes the nose appear larger and more projected; correcting this reduces the perceived size of the nose. Chin implants are placed through an incision under the jaw or through the mouth at the gumline between the cheek and jaw. After the incision is created, a precise pocked is dissected out. The implant is then customized and placed into the precise pocket.

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Dr. Wyatt To Is A Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Why is this important? When you choose someone to improve the appearance of your face, the first part of you that people connect with, you should choose a specialist. Dr. Wyatt To’s specialty is facial plastic surgery, day in and out. You want a surgeon with “miles under their belt” and experience in all the right places.

Our Community Reputation For Excellence is Well-Known

Dr. Wyatt To joined the practice of Dr. Michael Warner in 2004, continuing a 40-year legacy of devotion to skin health, confidence, and customer service. If you’re looking for the ideal chin implant, choose Dr. To and our fantastic team of professionals.

We Make Facial Plastic Surgery A Dream Come True

Facial plastic surgery doesn’t have to break the bank. From your very first consultation, you’ll know your options regarding cost, payment plans, and more. We accept all major credit cards and proudly participate with CareCredit to make it easy for you to have your procedure without delay.

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A wide variety of implant materials are available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Dr. To typically uses implants made of solid shaped silicone or GoreTex®, implant materials with a long history of use and a favorable safety profile.

Facial augmentation is done with local anesthetic or under general anesthesia. Patient safety and comfort is our primary consideration, so be sure to discuss this issue with Dr. To.

Routine medical clearance from the patient’s primary care doctor and standard laboratory tests are required. It is also necessary for patients to avoid certain medications, aspirin, herbal remedies and alcohol for 14 days prior to surgery.

Your sutures are removed 3-5 days after surgery and cosmetic tape will be applied at that time.  Pain is usually minimal and most of our patients return to work a few days after surgery.

You should experience very little pain during or after surgery.  Medication for discomfort is prescribed; however, you may require nothing more than Tylenol for the majority of the post-operative period.

As long as the implant maintains position and does not cause any problems, it can stay in place indefinitely.

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

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