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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the ideal affordable option for unwanted hairs.  Stop wasting valuable time with monthly waxing, painful plucking and tiresome tweezing.  Choose our providers and lasers for results that are fast and effective.

The Laser Hair Removal Advantage

Since the 1970’s, laser hair removal has been the gold standard for long-lasting hair reduction.  Other methods (including IPL, electrolysis, waxing, and shaving) don’t offer the benefits included with laser hair removal.

Here’s What Laser Hair Removal Can Do For You:

  • Remove dark, coarse hair
  • Enjoy smoother, softer skin
  • Eliminate the need to shave, wax, tweeze and pluck
  • Forget the pain and hassle of ingrown hairs
  • Reduce unwanted hair without surgery or downtime

The CSSC Advantage

Our Laser Hair Removal Providers Are Experts

You want a laser hair removal provider who understands the varieties of skin tones and how different skin can respond to lasers.  In the state of Maryland, laws specify that all lasers must be operated by qualified, licensed professionals (MD, NP, PA, RN).  Our laser providers, Jessie Mallalieu and Morgan Brackett, meet those qualifications. Jessie has more than 18 years’ of specialized experience and Morgan offers more than 9 years’ in healthcare. Both providers excel in the treatment of all skin tones and types.



We Match Your Goals to Your Budget

We’re happy to provide estimates over the phone.  Pricing is site dependent and there may be special incentives if you decide to combine areas during treatment.  Please call us to schedule a consultation to discuss this further:  (301) 698-2424.  Need more info?  Click here.

We Specialize In Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology

Since we opened our doors in 2001, we’ve specialized in laser-centric treatments.  We utilize the best, most predictable and most satisfying laser hair removal treatments available.  Get a smoother, flawless you and minimize the need for costly maintenance visits elsewhere.

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Invest in your skin.

Reap the rewards.
*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.


Why might laser hair removal be right for me?

If you’ve spent years trying to remove unwanted hair–shaving, plucking, waxing, trying various creams–you’re probably ready for a more long-term solution. The Cosmetic & Skin Surgery Center offers the highest quality and most effective treatments with our skilled staff and state-of-the-art lasers. We’ll design a program specifically for your needs to reduce the density and thickness of your dark-colored hair. We provide these treatments in the comfort of our Frederick, Maryland office, and you’ll have the same medical professional for each treatment!

How does the laser work?

Our laser produces an intense beam of light that is absorbed specifically by the dark pigment in your hair follicles. The energy impairs the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin, so that your treated hairs later fall out. Our lasers are the most efficient lasers available.

How long will my laser hair removal treatment take?

This depends on the size of the area being treated. Each laser pulse treats a quarter-sized area of skin. Treating the upper lip takes less than five minutes, the bikini area takes about 15-30 minutes, and a back may take 25-30 minutes.   Our caring medical professionals will talk with you about your concerns and design a laser hair removal program to specifically meet your goals.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, patients average five to six treatments. We all have millions of hair follicles on our bodies, but only actively growing (anagen) hair responds to each laser hair removal treatment. Hair follicles that are dormant (catagen) or have started naturally shedding (telogen) will eventually re-grow as anagen hairs, and will need to be treated in future sessions.

The total number of laser hair removal treatments you’ll need also depends on your hair density, color and caliber, along with your skin color. Patients with either darker skin or finer hair tend to need more treatments.

How frequently will I need to come in for my laser hair removal treatments?

For optimal results, we recommend that you come in every one to two months, depending on the site. If you wait too long between treatments, you will require more total treatments.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

The lasers used by The Cosmetic & Skin Surgery Center feature cooling devices to maximize your safety and comfort. You may have a little discomfort with each pulse, depending on your tolerance and the location, density, color, and thickness of your hair. If desired, you can buy a topical numbing cream and apply it 30 to 90 minutes before your treatments. Oral narcotics and sedatives are rarely used.

How long will it take me to recover?

Side effects are minimal and can include a hive-like redness and swelling of the areas that were treated; occasional mild sensitivity or itchiness can also occur. Bruising is rare. However, these symptoms only last for a few hours or several days, and in one to three weeks your unwanted hair will shed!

How long will my results last?

The good news is that most of our patients have at least a 70 to 80 percent reduction in hair after two years. If any of your hair does return, it is usually much finer, less dense, and lighter colored.

What are some of the risks of laser hair removal?

This largely depends on two factors: the training and experience of the technicians, and the amount of pigment in a person’s skin. At The Cosmetic & Skin Surgery Center, highly-skilled and experienced medical professionals provide your treatments.

In the hands of poorly trained technicians, blistering, scarring, hyperpigmentation (darkening), or hypopigmentation (lightening) are more likely to occur.

Another factor that influences blistering and pigment alteration is the amount of pigment in a person’s skin. Pale Caucasian patients have a very low risk of these effects, while tan or darker individuals can have a risk factor greater than 20 percent. We’ll discuss your individual situation with you at your initial consultation.

There are a few reports of new hairs appearing in and around the treatment site, and these cases usually respond to additional treatments. Some patients also require supplemental topical agents such as Vaniqa®. A very small percentage of patients do not respond at all.

How can I minimize my risks?

  • Begin your laser hair removal treatments when your skin is at its palest
    • This will minimize the risks of blistering and lightening or darkening of your skin
    • To help identify patients who might have pigment changes, we frequently perform a small test spot several weeks before the full treatment
  • Apply daily UVA/UVB sunscreens and cosmetics to avoid tanning between treatments
  • Minimize your exposure to the sun 2 to 4 weeks before each treatment
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen products, and herbal remedies one week before each treatment to minimize bruising
  • Do not pluck, wax, or use electrolysis between laser treatments
    • This will help reduce the total number of treatments you need
  • Apply ice packs for a few minutes after treatment to the treated site
    • This will reduce any temporary redness

What should I do after my treatment?

Help us determine the most effective energy level of your laser hair removal treatment by tracking how long your skin stays red. Otherwise, go on with your life as usual!

You can apply make-up immediately afterwards, and any irregular or curled hairs can be shaved, cut, or removed with chemical depilatories. Exercise and exertion are also fine the day of your treatment, but may increase temporary redness.

How much will my laser hair removal cost?

We offer the most competitive prices with our highly trained laser and cosmetic providers. See our pricing chart for more information on estimated fees per area and available package pricing.

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.