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Botox® is the trade name for a purified protein that is injected under the skin. Botox® works by blocking nerve impulses, which reduces muscle activity and keeps those pesky lines from forming. It’s a simple procedure that will take only a few minutes at our Frederick, Maryland office.

The Advantage of Botox®

Botox is a non surgical injectable that slows facial aging with little to no downtime. Who doesn’t want to look selfie ready? Botox has consistently maintained a 95% patient satisfaction rating on

Here’s What Botox® Can Do For You:

  • Smooth forehead wrinkles
  • Improve or remove lip lines (smoker’s lines)
  • Reduce banding on the neck
  • Turn your frown upside down
  • Brighten your eyes:  between and above eyebrows, crow’s feet


The CSSC Advantage

Our Botox® Providers Are Experts

Enhance your natural glow. That’s what you can expect when you choose our expert providers for Botox®.  Read more about them by clicking below:

Is Your Beauty On A Budget?

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Our Specialty is Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology

No one can match the training, experience and level of caring that our providers offer.  We specialize in rejuvenating faces and maintaining your natural beauty.  Our dedication to excellence began in 2001 and our thousands of happy patients are the best testimony to the results we deliver.

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Moderate to severe frown lines







Moderate to severe crow's feet lines








If you’re tired of lines on your face that come from years of squinting, concentrating, or frowning…you should consider the benefits of coming to our Frederick office for your Botox® treatment. Be prepared to be line-free…and get ready to look refreshed in as little as 10 minutes.

Botox® is most commonly used for alleviating brow furrows, deep forehead creases and wrinkles (crow’s feet) at the corners of the eyes. Other areas of application include muscle banding in the neck and small wrinkles or lip lines (smoker’s lines) around the mouth.

Botox® has an excellent safety profile, and there is no recovery time. Bruising is rare, and when it does occur is a mere pinpoint size. Most patients elect to return to work on the same day as treatment. Call our office at 301-698-2424 or email us to schedule an appointment today!

You’ll be able to forget your frown lines for up to 4 months.  When Botox® begins to wear off, your lines will gradually start to reappear.

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

5 Stars Excellent practice, competent and caring doctors & staff. Friendly, great follow-up, immaculate and tasteful office. Top Flight! A++.* *Individual results may vary.

- E.T.

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