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Skin Rejuvenation

Your skin is a living work of art. You are the curator, and we are your concierge. Take care of your skin by following our basic plan.*

Follow these tips and your work of art will be long-lasting!

How to Rejuvenate Your Skin

First, stop hurting your skin.

The sun is the greatest offender, and smoking is a close second. We need the sun, but less is better. To lessen the amount of sun damage you get every year, wear a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 or greater. When you are out in the direct sunlight for long periods (like at the beach) wear water resistant sun screens with SPF 30 or greater. Try to use hats and umbrellas, and avoid the very strong midday sun. If you are a smoker you must quit or smoke less. If you have tried to quit but failed, consult a physician. Nicotine is a very addictive substance, and you will need help.*

The other factor to consider is what you put into your body.

Your skin is made up of what you consume. Our patients who look the best are the ones who eat smart–fruits, vegetables, and natural sources of energy. The skin also serves as one of many ways that our body removes toxins, so minimize alcohol, manufactured drugs, and “laboratory” foods that lack nutritional value.*

The next step is to motivate your skin.

Your skin is very smart and efficient. It only does what it needs to, and so over time it slows down and becomes thinner and saggy. To get your skin to tighten and grow faster, you need to stimulate it. The best way to motivate your skin is to peel it. The removal of the outer dead layer of skin causes it to regenerate faster. The key is not a single treatment, but a habit of treatments. Start at home with the Clarisonic brush. Clean your skin daily with a brush head that is good for your skin type, and then use the more exfoliating Deep Pore Cleansing Tip at least weekly.*

To really motivate your skin, start a schedule of office-based peels. Peeling at this level requires monthly visits to our trained providers, and the most cost effective way is with glycolic peels. Laser peeling is more effective but is recommended less often due to the cost and time involved.*

The final step is to energize your skin.

Heat from lasers, light, or ultrasound stimulates the natural enzymes in your skin which make collagen. Every treatment helps, but a habit helps more. Compliance is the key.

Additionally, consider specialized treatments if you have specific problems. Knock back brown spots by doing an Astanza 532 Laser Treatment or a Broad Band Light (BBL) Facial. Treat overactive muscles (like the “11’s”) with Botox and use Fillers where Botox cannot help. Minimize redness and broken blood vessels with lasers.*

*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

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