Energize Your Skin With Ultherapy™

The Ulthera™ System, the gold standard for nonsurgical, deep-tissue-tightening, can now be used to stimulate collagen directly in the skin.  The new 1.5mm tip allows us to heat collagen in the dermis rather than just deep under the skin.  This heating stimulates increased collagen production for months, which gradually increases skin tone and reduces fine lines.

The advantages of energizing skin with Ultherapy™:

  • Any skin type can be treated
  • No anesthesia is necessary
  • Results are cumulative
  • Treatments can be repeated as a maintenance program
  • Minimal downtime and no oozing or crusting

Treatment of the upper lip is one of our most popular ways to improve lips without injections.

Ultherapy™ with the 1.5mm tip can also be added to small areas, like crow’s feet, during a peel session.

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