Energize Your Skin

The secret to a lifetime of great-looking skin is to boost the natural process that makes collagen.  More collagen results in tighter, younger-looking skin.

The only way to boost collagen, besides peeling, is to heat the skin with lasers, light, and ultrasonic energy.  The key is to establish a pattern of regular treatments, rather than pushing the limits of a single, high-risk session.

In our office, we have three methods to choose from:

  1. Broad Band Light and Intense Pulsed Light
  2. Shallow Ultherapy
  3. Deep Mixto

Broad Band Light (BBL), also called Pulsed Light, is another great way to boost collagen production without downtime.  We recommend treatments every 6-12 months.  These sessions also reduce the appearance of blood vessels and brown spots which makes them a popular yearly winter treatment.

Ultherapy is the newest addition to collagen stimulation in the skin.  Originally meant for deep tissue tightening, we have found that their newest superficial treatment tip is very effective at promoting collagen directly in the skin.  Treatments produce some hive-like redness for a few days and so we usually recommend treating small areas at a time.  Treatments can be done 2-3 times a year.

The ultimate collagen stimulator is a low density, Deep Mixto treatment.  This requires more time in the office and more downtime due to redness.  We recommend they be performed for the full face every 2-3 years or on small areas as needed.

Combinations of any of the above methods help keep it fresh.  Remember that the exact choice of energizer is not as important as a commitment to maintaining a habit of treatments.

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