Laser Hair Removal Pricing

We Match Your Goals to Your Budget

We’re happy to provide laser hair removal estimates over the phone.  Pricing is site dependent and there may be special incentives if you decide to combine areas during treatment.  Please call us to schedule a consultation to discuss this further:  (301)698-2424.

Package pricing is available…pre-pay for 5 visits and get the 6th treatment for free!

Site *Minimum Cost Per Treatment
Abdomen (full ABD) $300
Abdomen (line) $150
Back (lower or upper) $300
Bathing suit bikini (front) $125
Brazilian bikini (all hair removed front and back bikini area) $300
Buttocks and or perianal (back) $250
Chest $300
Chin  $125
Complete arms  $500
Complete legs  $650
Ears $125
Extended bikini in front $200
Eyebrows/temples $125
Face-3 sites (lip, chin, sideburns) $225
Feet/Toes $125
Forearms $250
Front T-shirt $500
Full T-shirt (front and back) $950
Hands/Fingers $125
Lip (upper) $125
Lip/Chin $150
Lower legs with or without knee $350
Neck (front or back) $125
Neck (two sides) $200
Shoulders $250
Sideburns  $125
Underarms $125
Upper Arms $250
Upper legs with or without knee $350
Whole back, with shoulders & neck $650
  • Site surface areas vary significantly between individuals and will affect pricing.
  • Exact cost will be determined at time of consult. 

Michael R. Warner, MD